Lea Nicholson Discographie

Lea Nicholson - Horsemusic

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1971Trailer LER3010red and yellow Label
S1T1Here We Come A-Wassailing
S1T2Glory Of The North
S1T3Greenland Bound
S1T4Lea Rig Variations
S1T5I Live Not Where I Love
S1T6I´ m The Urban Spaceman
S2T1Allegro From The Trio Sonata in C For Two Manuals And Pedal
S2T2Along The Rossendale
S2T3The Coast Of Peru
S2T4The Fals Night On The Road
S2T6All Through The Beer

Lea Nicholson + Stan Ellison - God Bless The Unemployed

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1972Transatlantic TRA 254
S1T1Lazy Afternoon
S1T2Mr. Finch
S1T4Hitch-Hike Song
S1T5Pipe On The Hob - Boring With The Gimlet
S1T6A Mistake No Doubt
S2T7God Bless The Unemployed
S2T1Just Because
S2T2Song For A Dead Mole
S2T3Jules Birthday
S2T4Just Another Song
S2T6Living By The Water
S2T7The Dark Islander
Lea Nicholson
LPSPGuimbarda GS-11167

Lea Nicholson - God Bless The Unemployed/Piece Of Cake

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SingleUK1972Transatlantic BIG 504
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SingleBRA1973Young Transatlantic BIG 301.1052

Lea Nicholson - Lazy Afternoon/Sorry About The Phone Stephanie

Lea Nicholson
SingleF1976Virgin 640.087
Lea Nicholson
SingleUK1976Virgin VS 149

Lea Nicholson and The Rawtenstall Concertina Band - The Dambuster March/Southampton

Lea Nicholson
SingleUK1976Virgin VS 164

Lea Nicholson - The Concertina Record

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1980Kicking Mule SNKF 165
LPUS1980Kicking Mule KM 11
S1T1The Liberty Bell
S1T3Glenn Miller Medley
Moonlight Serenade
Chattanooga Choo Choo
In The Mood
S1T4Lea Rigs
S1T5Lasst Uns Erfreuen
S1T6The Dambuster March
S2T1Courtly Masqueing Ayres
S2T2Fourth Brandenburg Concerto

Lea Nicholson - The Concertina Tapes

Lea Nicholson

Lea Nicholson - The Concertina Record

Lea Nicholson
CDUK1999Jamring JRINGCD001

Compilations and with other Artists

Deep Lancashire - Songs And Ballads Of The Industrial North West

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1968Topic 12T188
S1T8Rawtenstall Annual Fair
Lea Nicholson
CDUK1997Topic TSCD 485

Brothers And Sisters Are Watching You

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1969SU 1
S1T2Greenland Bound
S2T3False Night On The Road

John Renbourn - The Lady + The Unicorne

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1970Transatlantic TRA 224
LPUS1970Reprise 6407mono
LPUS1970Reprise RS 6407stereo
LPUS19Lost Lake 0087
LPI19Orizzonte ORL 8654
LPSP1979Guimbarda DD-22013/14Double-LP with Sir John Alot Of
LPUK200?Earmark LP 42023180 Gramm Pressung
CDUK1992Shanachie Records 97022
CDUKTransatlantic TRACD 224
CDUK2004Castle ESM CD 436Double CD with The Hermit
CDJPStrange Days WAS-105?
TapeUSReprise M5 6407
TapeUSReprise M8 64078-Track Cartridge
a) Almannamed Len Nicholson
b) Melancholy Gaillardnamed Len Nicholson

John Renbourn - The John Renbourn Sampler

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1971Transatlantic TRASAM 20
LPUK2006Earmark EARLP 42060180gr Pressung
S2T11Melancholy GalliardConcertina

Keith Cross + Peter Ross - Bored Civilians

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1972Decca SKL 5129
LPKOR2005SiWan Rec. SRML 0036lim Re of 500 in clear Vinyl
CDJP1990Polydor BRC-29210first 9 Tracks
CDKOR2003James & Smith 5227
CDKOR2006SiWan SRMC 0036PMini LP, 9 Tracks
CDKOR2011Media Art MI 0033Mini LP
S1T1The Last Ocean Rider
S1T2Bored Civilians
S1T3Peace In The End
S1T4Story To A Friend
S1T5Loving You Takes So Lang
S2T1The Dead Salute
S2T2Bo Radley
S2T3Fly Home
S2T4Can You Believe It
S2T5Blind Willie Johnson

Steve Tilston - Collection

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1972Transatlantic TRA 252
LPUS1972MCA 315
LPCDN1972MCA 315
S1T4All In A DreamConcertina

Tommy Makem - In The Dark Green Woods

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1974Polydor 2383280
S2T1Whisky In Me Tay

Steve Ashley - Stroll On

Lea Nicholson
LPUS1975GULL GU6-401S1
LPDLine-Teldec 6.26043
LPDLine LRLP 5373
S1T3Silly Summer GamesConcertina
Lea Nicholson

Steve Ashley - Old Rock´N´Roll / Fire And Wine

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SingleUK1974Gull GULS 9
S1Old Rock´N´RollConcertina

Steve Ashley - Speedy Return

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1975Gull GULP 1009Concertina
LPD1975Gull 26593-4 U
LPUS1976Gull GU6-406S1
LPDGULL 163301
CDD1989Line 9.00696
CDUK2003Market Square Records MSMCD118
S1T1None Can Tell
S1T2Don´t Forget
S1T3Well Well Well
S1T4Good Enemies
S1T5Lazy Lament
S1T6Speedy Return
S2T1Old John England
S2T2Cynical Sam
S2T3Travelling Through The Night
S2T4Broken Wing
S2T5Well At The World´s End
S2T6Duke Of Cambridge
S2T7First Thing
Lea Nicholson

Spriguns - Time Will Pass

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1977Decca SKL 5286Concertina
CDD1994Si-Wan Records SRMC 0055
CDD2005Sunrise 7314504081124
CDUK2006Acme ADCD 1044
S1T1Dead Man´s Eyes
S1T2All Before
S1T3For You
S1T4Time Will Pass
S1T5White Witch
S2T1Black Waterside
S2T2Your´s Not There
S2T3Devil´s Night
S2T4Letter To A Lady
Lea Nicholson
CDD2005Sunrise 7314504081124
Lea Nicholson
CDJP2004Universal UICY-9517
Lea Nicholson

Robin Dransfield - Tidewave

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1980Topic 12TS414
S1T1Cutty Wren
S1T2Barley And The Rye
S1T3Fair Maids Of February
S1T4When it’s Night Time in Italy it’s Wednesday over Here
S1T5Rigs O’Rye
S1T6Spencer The Rover
S2T2Cadgwith Anthem
S2T3I Once had a Dog
S2T4Three Muscadets
S2T5Mother Nature

Tim Hart + Friends - Drunken Sailor + other Kids Songs

Lea Nicholson
LPUK1983MusicForPleasure MFP 50635Concertina
TapeUK1983MusicForPleasure TC-MFP 50635
S1T1Over The Hills + Far Away
S1T2A Fox Jumped Up
S1T4Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynn
S1T5Who Killed Cock Robin
S1T6Cockles + Muscles
S1T7Hush Little Baby
S2T1What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
S2T2The Riddle Song
S2T3Michael Finnigan
S2T4Widdicombe Fair
S2T5Froggy´s Courting
S2T6Curly Locks

VA: Transatlantic Story

Lea Nicholson
CD2T19Lazy Afternoon

VA: Transatlantic Folk Box

Lea Nicholson
CDUK1998Sanctuary SMETD137
CD3T9God Bless The Unemployed

VA: Scarborough Fair - The Best Of

Lea Nicholson
CD3T12Song For A Dead Mole

Steve Ashley - Stroll On Revisited

Lea Nicholson
CDUK1999Market Square MSMCD104
T3Silly Summer GamesConcertina
T11Old Rock´N´RollConcertina

Steve Ashley - The Test Of Time

Lea Nicholson
CDUK1999Market Square MSMCD102
T2Silly Summer GamesConcertina

Steve Tilston - Reaching Out

Lea Nicholson
CDUK2007Free Reed FRQCD 70
CD1T6All In A DreamConcertina

Robin Dransfield - A Ligther Touch

Lea Nicholson
CDUK2008HUX 097
CD1RE od Tidewave LP

VA: English International - A History of the English Concertina

Lea Nicholson
CDUK2008Folk Sound Records FSCD 803 CD
CD2T17March In D
CD2T18The barley and the rye

VA: Three Score & Ten - A Voice To The People

Lea Nicholson
CDUK2009Topic 707 CD and Book
CD1T14Rawtenstall Annual Fair

Tim Hart - My Very Favourite Nurse

Lea Nicholson
CDUK2010Park PRKCD108CD 2 RE Of Drunken Sailor
CD2T1Over The Hills + Far Away
CD2T2A Fox Jumped Up
CD2T4Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynn
CD2T5Who Killed Cock Robin
CD2T6Cockles + Muscles
CD2T7Hush Little Baby
CD2T8What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
CD29The Riddle Song
CD210Michael Finnigan
CD2T11Widdicombe Fair
CD2T12Froggy´s Courting
CD2T13Curly Locks


Single Testpressing Of God Bless The Unemployed

Lea Nicholson
SingleUKBIG 504

The Lea Nicholson Story issued for the English International CD

I began playing concertina at the beginning of 1965. I had been given a concertina and told i could keep it if i learnt to play it. I got an Alf Edwards Concertina Tutor from somewhere and picked up the fingering and the beginnings of musical theory from that. My main interest at that time was folk music and within six months i was playing in local folk clubs. It was a good time to be buying a concertina since, with the exception of the folk revival, interest in the concertina had just about died out. A concertina could be picked up in a junk shop for three or four pounds. The going rate for an Aeola was five pounds. If the box was in old pitch then a friend of ours in Burnley put us on to Tommy Williams in Battersea who would do a full retune for three pounds. I don´t think the prices really started to go up until the beginning of the 70s.

My first recording came out at the end of the 60s, this was a track on the Topic compilation of Lancashire Folk Songs called Deep Lancashire. This is still available, I believe. Other recordings included Horsemusic, God Bless The Unemployed and The Concertina Record albums. There were also three singles God Bless the Unemployed (Transatlantic), Lazy Afternoon (Virgin), and The Dam Busters March (Virgin). Lazy Afternoon was a minor hit in France, and probably the closet i will get to my fifteen minutes of fame.

I did a lot of session playing and there are lot´s of other recordings, many of wich i can´t remember. More information is available from Kai Willems who keeps a discograhy at http://home.arcor.de/kai63/lnicholson.html

I played with among others Mike Oldfield, John Renbourn, Richard Thompson, Russ Ballard, Steve Ashley, Robin Dransfield and some BBC Philharmonic Orchestra or other doing William Walton´s The Bells (wich contains about 16 bars written for concertina somewhere near the end).

I stopped playing in 1992, but when Alan Day rang me at the beginning of this year and asked me to contribute a couple of tracks to the English International CD, I bought a Lachenal Excelsior with a big hole in the bellows off Ebay for 500 GBP, and a fine repairer from Ipswich called Mike Acott fixed it for me.

The tracks included on this collection are archive tracks from the mid 80s, and were kindly supplied by Vic Smith. These were played on a Wheatstone tenor treble Aeola, an unusal instrument in that it went down to the G note on the bottom line of the bass clef.

March in D (disc 2, Tr 17) (J.S. Bach arr. L. Nichaolson)

The barley and the rye (Disc 2, Tr 18) (trad arr L. Nicholson)

These tracks were recorded for a Radio Brighton broadcast on 26th January 1986.

Für alle Informationen die mir helfen diese Seite zu aktualisieren und zu erweitern bin ich sehr dankbar. Ich freue mich auch über Scans der LP-Cover und CD´s die hier nicht aufgeführt sind und alle anderen Informationen zum Künstler sowie Fotos und Berichte.

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