Allan Taylor Discographie


Allan Taylor
LPUK1971Liberty Records LBG83483FOC
LPUS1971United Artists UAS 5529
LPCDN1971United Artists UAS 5529
LPI1971United Artists UASL 29303 FOC
LPAUS1971United Artists SUAL 934239
LPNZ1971United Artists SUAL 934239
S1T2Searching For Lambs
S1T3Nursery Tale
S1T4Robin Hood
S1T5Song For Kathy
S1T6Swallow Swallow
S2T1Scarlet And Grey
S2T2Our Captain Cried All Hands
S2T3Tudor Pop
S2T4The Leaves Of Spring
S2T5The Pied Piper
S2T6The Kiss
Allan Taylor
LPJP1971United Artists LP-80325FOC red Vinyl, different Picture
LPJP1971United Artists LP-80325FOC black Vinyl Promolabel, different Picture
Allan Taylor
SingleUK1971United Artists LBF 15447
BSong For Kathy
Allan Taylor
SingleAUS1971Liberty LYK 4213
BSong For Kathy
Allan Taylor
SingleNZ1971Liberty LYK 4213
BSong For Kathy
Allan Taylor
SingleF1971United Artists UP-35177
BSong For Kathy
Allan Taylor
CDUK1998BGOCD 3902 Albums - Sometimes/The Lady

Jennifer On My Mind (Love Theme from The UA Motion Picture 1971)

Allan Taylor
SingleUS1971United Artists 50844
AWhere The Good Songs Go - Mono
BWhere The Good Songs Go - Stereo
SingleUS1971United Artists 50844
AWhere The Good Songs Go
BThe Lady

The Lady

Allan Taylor
LPUK1972United Artists UAS 29275
S1T2Still He Sings
S1T3The Morning Lies Heavy
S1T4Something´s Changed
S1T5Let Me Be
S2T1The Boy And The Mantle
S2T2The Lady
S2T4Simple Song
S2T5My Lady

The Lady

Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor
SingleJP1972Liberty LLR-10048
BThe Lady
Allan Taylor
SingleUK1972United Artists UP 35342
SinglePOR1972United Artists N-14-45
BThe Lady
Allan Taylor
SingleJP1972Liberty LLR-10164
AStill He Sings
BThe Morning Lies Heavy
Allan Taylor
SinglePhilip1972United Artists UA 50030
ALet Me Be
BSimple Song
Allan Taylor
CDUK1998BGO BGOCD 3902 Alums - Sometimes/The Lady

American Album

Allan Taylor
LPUK1973United Artists UAG 29468FOC
LPUS1973United Artists UA-LA078-F
LPD1973United Artists UAG 29468FOC
S1T1Get Down (The Proud And Noble Savage)
S1T2Something´ s Changed
S1T3Old Joe
S1T4The City
S1T5The Story
S2T1My Father´ s Room
S2T2Always You
S2T3Lavinia Forsythe-Jones
S2T4Only A Few
S2T5Lead On, I´ll Follow (Belfast´ 71)
Allan Taylor
LPUK1977Rockburgh CREST 28
Allan Taylor
SingleUK1973United Artists UP 35541
AMy Fathers Room
BAlways You (Something Changend on Cover for Always You)
Allan Taylor
SingleUS1973United Artists UA-XW260-W
AGet Down Mono(3.42 min)
BGet Down Stereo (4.55 min)
Allan Taylor
CDUK2000BGO BGOCD 4882 Albums-American Album/Cajun Moon

Cajun Moon

Allan Taylor
LPUK1976Chrysalis CHR 1115
LPD1976Chrysalis 6307580
LPAUS1976Chrysalis L35932
LPNZ1976Chrysalis L35932
S1T1Calling On
S1T2Close To The Edge
S1T3Back Again
S1T4Lady Of Pleasure
S1T5Darkness In The Valley
S2T1Mistress Music
S2T2Misty On The Water
S2T3Fiddler John
S2T4Sawtooth Line
S2T5Losers Can Be Winners
Allan Taylor
CDUK2000BGO BGOCD 488 2 Albums-American Album/Cajun Moon


Allan Taylor
LPUK1978Rubber RUB026
LPI1978Ricordi SNIR 25077
LPE1978Guimbarda GS-11092el viajero
CDUK1999Rubber CD026
S1T2It´ s Your Way
S1T3Running In A Crowded City
S1T4The Traveller
S1T5Lone Pilgrim
S2T1Land Of The Northwind
S2T2Cold Hard Town
S2T3The Ladies Are Loving Kind
S2T4Lady Take Your Time
S2T5Good To See You
Allan Taylor MC
MCUK1978Rubber 026
Allan Taylor
Single1978Sonet SON 2180
BRunning In A Crowded City

Roll On The Day

Allan Taylor
LPUK1980Rubber RUB040
LPI1980Ricordi SNIR 25088
S1T1Looking For You
S1T3Give A Hand
S1T4For An Old Friend
S2T1Standing At The Door
S2T2Driving Down To St. Tropez
S2T3Ballad For The Unkown Soldier
S2T4Hard To Tell
S2T5Taking It One Day At A Time
S2T6Roll On The Day

Circle Round Again

Allan Taylor
LPUK1983Black Crow CRO205
MCUK1988Black Crow CROC205
S1T1The Moring Lies Heavy
S1T2Simple Song
S1T3Back Again
S1T4My Fathers Room
S1T5The Proud And Noble Savage
S2T1Mistress Music
S2T2Lavinia Forsythe-Jones
S2T3The Story
S2T4Misty On The Water
S2T5Old Joe

Win Or Lose

Allan Taylor
LPUK1984t.records T 001
LPI1984Ricordi SNIR 25105
TapeUK1984t.records TC 001
S1T1Choose Your Time
S1T2Crazy Amsterdam
S1T4Angelina´s Cantina
S1T5Win Or Lose
S2T1Syracuse And Albany
S2T2Golden Island
S2T3There Was A Time
S2T3Now You Know
S2T5The Dove
S2T6The Rose And The Briar


Allan Taylor
LPUK1988t.records T 002
CDUK1988t.records T 002
TapeUK1988t.records TC 002
S1T1Chimes At Midnight
S1T3Rubenstein Remembers
S1T4Boy Becomes The Man
S1T5The Veteran
S1T6Flower In The Snow
S2T1Banjo Man
S2T2Maybe Another Day
S2T3Jimmy´s Song
S2T3Crazy Man
S2T5Gently Dies It
S1T6The Wall
T13Choose Your TimeCD Bonus from Win Or Lose
T14Win Or LoseCD Bonus from Win Or Lose
T15There Was A TimeCD Bonus from Win Or Lose

Out Of Time

Allan Taylor
LPUK1991t.records t.003
CDUK1991t.records TCD 003
TapeUK1991t.records TC 003
S1T1Scene From A Corner Cafe
S1T2The Ladies Are The Loving Kind
S1T3Standing At The Door
S1T4Roll On The Day
S1T5Out Of Time
S2T1Choose Your Time
S2T3It´s Good To See You
S2T3Boy Is A Nation
S2T5We Must Journey On

So Long

Allan Taylor
CDUK1993t.records TCD 004
CDD1993Wundertüte TÜT 72.169
TapeUK1993t.records TC 004
T1Cry From The Heart
T2Don´t Think Twice It´s All Right
T3Passing The Time Away
T4So Long
T6Let It Come, Let It Go
T7Like I Used To Do
T8Wind From The Mountains
10Lullaby In G

Faded Light

Allan Taylor
CDUK1995t.records TCD 005
TapeUK1995t.records TMC 005
T1The Merlin Cafe
T2The Meadow
T3Carried On The Wind
T4One Too Many Mornings
T5Libertas Ragusa (Freedom For Dubrovnik)
T6Come Home Saftley To Me
T7Let´s Go To Paris
T8Urban Lovesong
T9Simple Truths
T10Across The Borderline

Libertas Ragusa

Allan Taylor
CDUK1996t.records TCD 006Single with 4 Tracks
T1Libertas Ragusa (Freedom For Dubrovnik)
T2It´s Good To See You
T3Cry From The Heart
T4Win Or Lo(o)se

Looking For You

Allan Taylor
CDD1996Stockfisch RTD 357.6013.2
T1The Traveller
T2So Long
T3Looking For You
T4Win Or Lose
T5The Veteran
T6The Dove
T9Misty On The Water
T10Cold Hard Town
T11Crazy Man
T12Hard To Tell

Colour To The Moon

Allan Taylor Allan Taylor Allan Taylor
CDD2000Stockfisch RTD 357.6021.2
CDD2000Stockfisch RTD 357.6021.2Pappcover
T1Kerouac´s Dream
T2A House By The River
T3A Road Too Long
T4Back Again
T5Notes From Paris
T6Wheel Of Fortune
T7Brighton Beach
T8Colour To The Moon
T9Creole Girl
10Whatever The Way
T11Crazy Amsterdam

Colour To The Moon / Behind The Mix

Allan Taylor
CDD2000Stockfisch SFR333.9001.2-1/2limited Woodbox
CD1T1Kerouac´s Dream
CD1T2A House By The River
CD1T3A Road Too Long
CD1T4Back Again
CD1T5Notes From Paris
CD1T6Wheel Of Fortune
CD1T7Brighton Beach
CD1T8Colour To The Moon
CD1T9Creole Girl
CD110Whatever The Way
CD1T11Middle Time
CD1T12We Stood As One
CD1T13Crazy Amsterdam
CD2T2The Tennessee Waltz
CD2T3Save The Last Dance For Me
CD2T4Story: Thinking Of Derroll Adams
CD2T5Banjo Man
CD2T6Story: Thinking Of Alex Campbell
CD2T7When I Paint My Masterpiece
CD2T8A Wagoner´s Lad
CD2T9Story: Take Me With You, Ally
CD2T10Allan Taylor And Derroll Adams
CD2T11Trouble In Mind
CD2T12Let It Come, Let It Go
CD2T13The Story Of Portland Town
CD2T14Portland Town
CD2T15Story: Allan Taylor Says Goodbye

Out Of Time

Allan Taylor
CDUK2002t.records TCD 003Remastered with Bonus Tracks (11-13)
T1It´s Good To See You
T2Scene From A Corner Cafe
T3The Ladies Are The Loving Kind
T4Standing At The Door
T5Roll On The Day
T6Out Of Time
T7Choose Your Time
T9Boy Is A Nation
T10We Must Journey On
T11Angelina´s Cantina
T12Middle Time
T13The Rose And The Briar

Hotels & Dreamers

Allan Taylor   Allan Taylor   Allan Taylor
CDD2003Stockfisch SFR 357.6028.2
T1The Beat Hotel
T2The Stranger
T4Los Companeros
T5For Those We Knew
T6Running On Dreams
T7The Mission Hotel
T8For What It´s Worth
T9Some Dreams
10Pearls And Wine
11When Time Is Short

Behind The Mix - limited Special Edition

Allan Taylor
CDD2006Stockfisch SFR 357.6028.2-2from 2000 of lim. Woodbox
T2The Tennessee Waltz
T3Save The Last Dance For Me
T4Story: Thinking Of Derroll Adams
T5Banjo Man
T6Story: Thinking Of Alex Campbell
T7When I Paint My Masterpiece
T8A Wagoner´s Lad
T9Story: Take Me With You, Ally
T10Allan Taylor And Derroll Adams
T11Trouble In Mind
T12Let It Come, Let It Go
T13The Story Of Portland Town
T14Portland Town
T15Story: Allan Taylor Says Goodbye

Old Friends New Roads

Allan Taylor   Allan Taylor
CDD2007Stockfisch SFR 357.6047.2
T1Chimes At Midnight
T2For An Old Friend
T3Urban Love Song
T4The Meadow
T6The Morning Lies Heavy
T7Syracus And Albany
T8Now You Know
T9Let Me Be
T10Flower In The Snow
T11Like I Use To Do
T12Lady Take Your Time

Memory Journey

Allan Taylor
T1A House By The River
T2Notes From Paris
T3Wheel Of Fortune
T4Kerouac´s Dream
T5Back Again
T6Creole Girl
T7Crazy Amsterdam
T8Colour To The Moon
T9Whatever The Way
T11Brighton Beach
T12A Road Too Long

Leaving At Dawn

Allan Taylor   Allan Taylor
SACDD2008Stockfisch SFR 357.4057.2
T2The Almost Man
T3Back Home To You
T6Lay Soft On Your Pillow
T7New York In The Seventies
T8The Last Of The Privateers
T9Leaving At Dawn
T10It Could Have Been
T11Make Another Turn
T12Red On Green

Live In Belgium 2007

Allan Taylor
DVDD2009Stockfisch SFR 357.7062.2Blu-ray + DVD
BRHK2009Silk Road Music 3G-M-BD0218Blu-ray
T1Brighton Beach
T2The Stranger
T3Running On Dreams
T4The Traveller
T5The Morning Lies Heavy
T6The Veteran
T7Back Home
T8Win Or Lose
T9Los Compañeros
T10Colour To The Moon
T11The Beat Hotel
T12Crazy Amsterdam
T13Kerouac´s Dream
T14Some Dreams

Endless Highway - Film

Allan Taylor
DVDD2009Stockfisch SFR 357.7063.2Blu-ray + DVD

Songs For The Road

Allan Taylor
CDD2010Stockfisch SFR 357.9010.2
T1Dedicated To .....
T2A Promise And A Porsche
T3Let The Music Flow
T4Dancing On A Saturday Night
T5Midnight Call

In The Groove

Allan Taylor
LPD2010Stockfisch SFR 357.8007.1
T1Brighton Beach
T2Back Home To You
T3Chimes At Midnight
T5Red On Green
T6Colour to the Moon
T7For Those We Knew
T8Leaving At Dawn
T9The Dove
T10Save The Last Dance For Me

Hannes Wader + A. T. - Old Friends In Concert

Allan Taylor
CDD2013Universal 060253726777
T1Heute Hier, Morgen Dort
T3Los Companeros
T4Schwestern, Brüder
T5Banjo Man
T6Kleine Stadt
T7Leaving At Dawn
T9Es Ist An Der Zeit
T10Unterwegs nach Süden
T11Kerouac´s Dream
T13Gut Wieder Hier Zu Sein
T14Sag Mir, Wo Die Blumen Sind
T15I´m Going Home
T16Dat Du Min Leevsten Büst
T17Schon So Lang

Compilations and with other Artists

All Good Clean Fun

Allan Taylor
LPUK1971United Artists UDX 201/2
LPNL1971United Artists UDX 201/2
S2T4Song For Kathy
CDUK2004EMI 0724386609021
CD2T5Our Captain Cried “All Hands”

Motion Picture Themes

Allan Taylor
LPUS1972United Artists UXS-89
S4T5Where The Good Songs Go

Dranouter Folkfestival

Allan Taylor
LPB1976Parsifal FOL2000/181
S1T8The Traveller
S2T9Darkness In The Valley
S2T3Lady Of Pleasure
S2T4Fiddler John

Folkfestival 8. auf der Lenzburg 3. auf dem Gurten

Allan Taylor
S3T4Fiddler John

Bernie Parry - Sailing To The Moon

Allan Taylor
LPUK1980Free Reed FRR 026
S1T2The Harper / Finagles DreamGuitar
S2T1Sailing To The MoonGuitar
S2T2The WindwitchDulcimer
S2T5Song Of The Crooked OakGuitar

Paul Metsers - Momentum

Allan Taylor
LPUK1982Highway Records SHY 7021
S1T2WallsHarmony Vocals & Guitar
S2T1Hard On Your HeelsCittern
S2T4Play It All AgainCittern

VA: Where Would You Rather Be Tonight

Allan Taylor
LPUK1986Sunrise A40111M
S2T2Jimmy´s Song

Nana Mouskouri - du und ich

Allan Taylor
LPD1987Mercury 832943-1
CDD1987Mercury 832943-2
MCD1987Mercury 832943-4
S1T4Vielleicht im nächsten JahrGitarre
S2T4Ich denk an DichGitarre

Aly Bain & Friends - Same

Allan Taylor
LPUK1989Greentrax Records TRAX 026
CDUK1989Greentrax Rec. CDTRAX 026
T11Chimes At Midnightwith Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham

Derroll Adams - 65th Birthday Concert

Allan Taylor
T7Crazy Man
T8Banjomanwith Hans Theessink
T20Portland TownGuitar and Backing Vocals

Santino de Bartolo - Europa

Allan Taylor
CDD1994CD 291071
T1EuropaA-Gitarre and engl. Translation

Fabrizio De Andre - Canti Randagi

Allan Taylor
T11A Pittima

Birgit June - Listen To The Wind

Allan Taylor
CDD1996Thein TH 917 BCD 1Allan Guitar on all 11 Tracks

The MacCalmans - High Ground

Allan Taylor
CDUK1997Green Trax CDTRAX 138
T15Libertas RagusaGitarre

Speicher Husum LIVE 15 Jahre und kein bißchen leise

Allan Taylor
T9Let´s Go To Pariswith Helmut Debus

The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert

Allan Taylor
CDUK1997t.records TCD 007
CD1T1Been On The Road So Longwith Barnaby Taylor
CD1T6When I Paint My MasterpieceMike Silver & Allan Taylor
CD1T7Leaving London
CD1T9Pack Up Your Sorrowswith J. Silvio, M. Silver & Ens.
CD2T6Hold On To Me
CD2T7My Old Gibson Guitar
CD2T8Been On The Road So Long
CD2T9Gently Does Itwith Mike Silver
CD2T11It´s Good To See Youwith Bente Kure & Ensemble

Helmut Debus - Möven seilt up Wind

Allan Taylor
CDD1997THEIN De 5-97
T2Ik fohr di geern dör de NachtGitarre, Stimme
T4De MöövGitarre
T5Lewen dat lewen willGitarre
T7Bloomen in´n SchaddenGitarre

Tanz und Folkfest Rudolstadt 1998

Allan Taylor
CDD1998HD 98/8
T11Lady Take Your Time

Helmut Debus - Twuschen Ankamen Un Afscheed

Allan Taylor
CDD2000THEIN De 6-2000
T10Se Sitt Un TööftText und Musik

Stereoplay Golden Reference Edition Vol.1 Voices

Allan Taylor
CDD2001Zounds Music
T3Kerouac´s Dream

Stereo Highlights 2001

Allan Taylor
T1Wheel Of Fortune

Audiophile Recordings Vol 1

Allan Taylor
T1Colour To The Moon
T2A House By The River

Audiophile Recordings Vol 2

Allan Taylor
T5Cold Hard Town

Venner Folkfrühling 2002 - Its Good To See You

Allan Taylor
T1It´ sGood To See Youwith Helmut Debus
T2The Lovely Lili Marleenwith Helmut Debus
T3In´T Wille GrasHelmut Debus

Banjoman A Tribute To Derroll Adams

Allan Taylor
CDUS2002Blue Groove CD BG-1420
T6The Sky
T14Banjo Man
Allan Taylor
CDJP2002Vivid NACD-3201

Bowers + Wilkins presents: Very Audiophile New Recordings Volume 2

Allan Taylor
CDD2002B & W 2002
T2Colour To The Moon

Acoustic Moments - Zounds Gold-CD - Vol. 21

Allan Taylor
CDD2003Zounds Music
T11Cold Hard Town

Bose Test CD

Allan Taylor
CDD2003?BoseCD 27000 60037
T1Colour To The MoonAbschnitt 5 der one Track CD

Fairport Convention “Cropredy Capers”

Allan Taylor
CD1T5Calling On SongFairport with Allan Taylor

Ian McCalman - Singular

Allan Taylor
CDUK2004Greentrax CDTRAX269/FMS
T6Wrecked Again

Stockfisch Records Closer To The Music

Allan Taylor   Allan Taylor
CDD2004Stockfisch SFR 357.4003.2
T1Beat Hotel
T2Wheel Of Fortune

Stockfisch Closer To The Music

Allan Taylor
T1Kerouacs Dream

Bowers + Wilkins presents: Very Audiophile New Recordings

Allan Taylor
SACD2004Stockfisch SFR.B+W01SACD
CD2004Stockfisch SFR.B+W 01
LP2004Stockfisch SFLP01
T1Colour To The Moon
T7Wheel Of Fortune

Bowers + Wilkins presents: Very Audiophile New Recordings Volume 3

Allan Taylor
CDD2004B & W 2004
T2Some Dreams

Bowers + Wilkins presents: Very Audiophile New Recordings

Allan Taylor
T1Colour To The Moon
T6Some Dreams

The Absolute Sound 2004

Allan Taylor
CD2004Aurora AR009
T4The Beat Hotel

The Absolute Sound 2005

Allan Taylor
CD2005Aurora AR0013
T8Brighton Beach

Feeling Music

Allan Taylor
CDD2005Dynaudio 2700 60050
T5Beat Hotel

Helmut Debus - Steern Un Stroom

Allan Taylor
CDD2005Thein De 6-2005
T11In´T Wille Gras

Rolling Home - John Wright - Allan Taylor - Live in de Harmonie 2005

Allan Taylor
DVDNL2005to Order under

Derroll Adams - I Was Born In Portland Town

Derroll Adams
DVDB2005Un Film de Patrick Ferrynto order under ventes-cba/

Helmut Debus - Wiet Buten 1977 - 2005

Derroll Adams
DVDD2006to order from Helmut - 04401/7669 or z.B. under

Life Stories - Volume 9

Allan Taylor
CD2006High ENDITION HE 009
T3Beat Hotel
T5Wheels Of Fortune

Melange - Volume 11

Allan Taylor
CD2007High ENDITION HE 011
T1Chimes At Midnight

The Absolute Sound 2007

Allan Taylor
CD2007Aurora AR0018
SACD2007Aurora AR0019

Simply The Finest 2

Allan Taylor
CDD2007Silk Road SRM 002CD
T2Color To The Moon

Stereoplay Masterpieces Volume 5

Allan Taylor
CDD2008Heft CD 1-08
T1Studio Session Talkwith Chris Jones
T2The Tennessee Waltzwith Chris Jones

Jaguar + Bowers - Wilkins - Audiophile Recordings For The Road

Allan Taylor
T2The Tennessee Waltzwith Chris Jones

Bernie Parry - Sailing To The Moon

Allan Taylor
LPUK2008Free Reed
T2The Harper / Finagles DreamGuitar
T5Sailing To The MoonGuitar
T6The WindwitchDulcimer
T9Song Of The Crooked OakGuitar

Hans Theessink - Birthday Bash

Allan Taylor
CDA2009Blue Groove 1820
CD1T8Back Home To You

Art Of Recording

Allan Taylor
CD2009HKMF 005
T2The Tennessee Waltz

The Absolute Sound 2008

Allan Taylor
CD2009Aurora AR0020
SACD2009Aurora AR0021
T12The Tennessee Waltz

Closer To The Music Vol. 3

Allan Taylor
SACDD2009Stockfisch SFR357.4009.2
T1Dedicated To ...

TAS The Absolute Sound 2003 - 2006

Allan Taylor
CD2009Aurora AR01694 CD, RE of Single CDs
CD2T4The Beat HotelCD of 2004
CD3T8Brighton BeachCD of 2005

EASCA - Competition Evaluation Disc 2009

Allan Taylor
CD2009Stockfisch SFR357.9009.2
CDT5Tennessee Waltzwith Chris Jones

Absinth and Voices

Allan Taylor
CDD2009Inakustik INAK 7968 CD
CDT12The Traveller

Roadtracks 1 - Volume 13

Allan Taylor
CDT10Dedicated to
CDT17Lay Soft On Your Pillow

TAS The Absolute Sound 2009

Allan Taylor
CD2010Aurora AR0022
T3Dedicated To .....,

Zounds - Singers Songwriters

Allan Taylor
T5The Morning Lies Heavy

AYA - Are You Authentic? - Authentic Audio Check

Allan Taylor
CDD2011Stockfisch SFR 357.9011.2

Closer To The Music - Volume 4

Allan Taylor
SACDD2011Stockfisch SFR 357.4011.2
T1Let The Music Flow
T2Midnight Call

Great Voices

Allan Taylor
CDD2011Inakustik INAK 7501 HQCD
T12The Traveller


Acetat of Song “Reuben”

Allan Taylor
SingleUK196?Not released - First recorded Song

The Department Of The Treasary U.S. Savings Bonds Division

Five Minute Radio Programs – Guest Star – Star of The Month

LPUS197126177Allan Taylor with Mike Douglas as Host

AFRTS - American Forces And Television Service - Bruce Cockburn / Allan Taylor

Allan Taylor
LPUS1971P-12823all tracks from Sometimes
S2T1Searching For Lambs
S2T2Tudor Pop
S2T3Scarlet And Grey
S2T4Song For Kathy
S2T5Nursery Tale

UA Miniatur Album - Promo - with 2 Tracks of Allan, Chris Darrow, Gordon Lightfoot, George Gerdes

Allan Taylor
SingleD1973United Artists UA001/2
S1T1Get Down
S1T2My Father´s Room

Tape of Songs "Long Time Gone" and "Dance Around The Moon"

Tape1990Demo for Hypertension MusicNot released

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